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“After sampling a few, just wanted to post my faves, although it's difficult - they are all so good! I love, love, love White Chocolate Wasabi & Ginger (so unique) and Guava & Cream Cheese. I also love Cuban Coffee Toffee and Key Lime pie. Yum!” – Lana S.

“The crew @ V-TWIN CITY LOVED IT.......WE WANT MORE” – John B.

“I have a confession to make. I hid my Cuban Coffee Toffee; it was too good to share. I'm so ashamed". – Mary W.

“It's all about the White Chocolate Wasabi & Ginger... or it's definitely about the Dark Chocolate Wasabi & Ginger. The fudge is black... the fudge is white... together we learn to read and write. Yeah”. – Larry W.

“We just had some of the Cuban Coffee Toffee fudge that Bernie dropped off last night. It's incredible, Hilary! Thanks.” – Coleen L.

“I'm in the mood for fudge.” – Michael K.

“Wow... just got my box of fudge in and it looks and tastes unbelievable! Love that the flavors are "different" than the norm! What a delight! Well done! Congrats on your new business... you can't go wrong with fudge THIS good! Yummo!” – Laurie J.

“I HAD to sample ALL 6 varieties... and am so looking forward to bringing these treats to the party I am going to tomorrow. I must say ALL the flavors are elaborate and superb! I have never had anything like these before. Hilary... I believe you have a winner on your hands BIG time with this... All the best... I will let you know how the tastings go... YUM!” – Michael R.

“What I have tasted is so outstanding I know you will be a great success!!!” – Scott B.

“Just received my first order of Fudge, Guava & Cream Cheese is awesome! But, so far my favorite is the Cuban Coffee Toffee fudge... OMG! The flavors are so authentic, but unique to fudge, I was blown away with both. I was so tired of the boring fudge you find in stores, Hilary you have hit a gold mine!!!” – Frank G.

“Hey Hilary, Finally got to the site. Soooo nice :) All the best always. Will be ordering LOTS of your delicious fudge for work events and personal. I had the pleasure to taste so much of it when you were creating. YUMMMMM!!” – Ada T.

“Tried it. The fudge is great! And the cook is a doll!” – Tim L.

“I liked them all.  I did not have a favorite.  I was impressed with the out-of-the-ordinary flavors of ginger wasabi and key lime. The ginger wasabi had just a hint of hot – perfect … still enjoyable by non-heat chasers. The key lime was very innovative, and the graham cracker crust carried the theme very well.  I admit that I haven’t followed the trends in fudge, but I’ve never seen flavors like these. I think you’re on to something. Call the Food Channel.” – Steve F.

“Hi. I received my fudge from secret Santa Ken. I have a new favorite thing: Key Lime Pie fudge!!!!! Fabulous. You are really talented. I’ll be placing another order soon and will be requesting the Cuban Coffee Toffee next. Thank you.” – Lisa M.

"... I ordered the blueberry white chocolate fudge with the graham cracker crust ... and it was to die for ... when I die, please bury me in it ♥ ... I'll be in heaven!" – Chrislan C.

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